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Airbrush Face Painting Tattoos by Renee Hudson

An outstanding attraction for your next event or party!

Fun! Safe! Fast! Airbrush Face Painting Artwork lasts 7-10 days, some lasting up to one month! With airbrush face painting, the brush never touches your face or body, making this a very hygienic method of applying face paints.

There are over 150 designs to choose from, ranging from teddy bears and butterflies to armbands and dragons. The selection keeps everyone young and young at heart coming back for more throughout the event.

Airbrush work is quick and it's perfect for the child that can't sit long. It's perfect for that adult that's always wanted to see what an airbrush tattoo would look like but doesn't want to make it permanent.

Airbrush Face Painting Tattoos by Renee Hudson at Collins Park in East Grand Rapids, Reeds Lake Run 2009

Our liquid makeup is non toxic and is FDA approved and the beautiful artwork can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol or baby oil.

Airbrush Face Painting is great for large events such as picnics, festivals and even Birthday parties at your home.

 Grand Rapids, MI Renee Hudson Airbrushing Face Painting Two Sisters.

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